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Feelin is an open-source object-oriented framework for the AmigaOS and its friends (AROS, MOS, AOS4). It provides a core API available as a shared library, and an extensible system of classes mainly used to create and maintain applications.

Feelin uses well known CSS and XML technologies and revolutionize applications developement (at least on Amiga ;-) by supporting them to generate objects as well as complete applications on the fly. This was an easy step for Feelin since its methods, attributes and their special values are defined using plain strings. Thus, as CSS is used by Feelin to separate the aspect of an application from its content, XML Applications (as well as XML Objects) can be used to separate the application's UI from its code. This unique feature also gives the user full control over the application's layout. As an example, all the groups available in the preference editor are generated on the fly from XML files and dynamicaly gathered to create the editor itself.

A "Hello world !" with Feelin is that simple :

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!ENTITY hello "Hello world !">
<Application> <Window Id="win" Title="Feelin : &hello;" Open="true"> <Button>_&hello;</Button> </Window> </Application>

Feelin also comes with its own concepts and features such as shared objects, Dynamic IDs, XML Applications, an open and dynamic preference system, a crash free invokation mecanism, its very own memory management system, a message logging system...

My goal, creating Feelin, was to offer a free, easy to use, modern and secure object-oriented framework that can evolves on its own and be available to all of our scattered community.




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