Object / Element / Area / Border

The Border class adds borders to the Area class.


Style properties


Caption -- (04.00) [I.G], STRPTR

Use this attribute to add a caption to a frame.

The font and its size, the position and the preparse for the caption are defined by the caption-font, caption-position and caption-preparse style properties.


caption image
/* caption.css */

    min-width: 100px;
    min-height: 20px;
    border-frame: win-in;
    caption-preparse: <pens up=shine>;

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<?xml-stylesheet href="caption.css" type="text/css" ?>
<Application> <Window Id="win" Title="Caption" Open="true"> <Group Rows="3"> <Widget style="background: red; caption-position: up left" Caption="up left" Chainable="false" /> <Widget style="background: yellow; caption-position: bottom left" Caption="bottom left" Chainable="false" /> <Widget style="background: lime; caption-position: up center" Caption="up center" Chainable="false" /> <Widget style="background: aqua; caption-position: bottom center" Caption="bottom center" Chainable="false" /> <Widget style="background: blue; caption-position: up right" Caption="up right" Chainable="false" /> <Widget style="background: fuchsia; caption-position: bottom right" Caption="bottom right" Chainable="false" /> </Group> </Window> </Application>

caption-font -- (04.00)

This property defines the font family and the size to use for the Caption.

caption-position -- (04.00)

Position of the caption around the frame.

caption-preparse -- (04.00)

A PreParse string, as defined by the FA_TextDisplay_PreParse attribute.


[method override]

Cleanup the Caption extra resources.


[method override]

The border-frame, caption-font, caption-position and caption-preparse style-properties are decoded for each of the 4 states defined by the Area class.


[method override]

The extra resources allocated for the Caption are disposed.


[method override]

Draw the frame and its Caption.


[method override]

Extra resources are allocated if the Caption attribute is defined.


[method override]

Setup extra resources for the Caption.